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Whenever there are some effective disputes between the husband and wife than there relationships ever end by divorce and one party husband and wife can enter a petition for this purpose. We can find that imperfectness and no-fault are two types of divorce. In imperfectness divorce the case is enter in court and you have to tell some fault and argument which prove that you can not live together more but in the no-fault divorce is like a separation and you have no need to argue and it is just like a separation.

Domestic Partnership

Live together and share the common domestic life is called the domestic partnership and in this type of relation they are not join with any legal action but for there common cause. They are willing to live together without any legal action because they think in marriage they are many issue like concept of ownership, support obligations and some other are found which effect there relationship.  

To distinguish the contribution of digit relation to the concept of other is a great reason for the domestic relationship but if you have a legal relationship or legal wedlock than it will help you to build a constructive trust on each other. If one is contributing in its partner's property than to protect the relation, court tried its best to encounter that structure.

Child Support
After the divorce or separation, court also gives the order about the child or children if they have. For this a handsome amount is fixed for the support of child or children and the amount is basically depends on the number of children and also on the income both they have. The court figure out the expensive of the child depending on the ability of parent and after that the fixed amount is used for the growth of the child. In the amount all the expensive like tuition fee and money for health and for other expenses are fixed. When the child is 18 years old then he is independent and now it depends on the parents weather they want to support his child or not. So, after 18 years old he is no more dependent on his parent. The amount which is fixed for the child can be changed if the circumstances of the child's parents changed. This income is not deducted from the gross income and also it is not like a tax.

Child Custody and visitation

After the divorce or separation often the case arises is about the custody of child. Jural safekeeping and physical custody are the two types of the child custody and court decide about the child custody. In the physical custody both can meet their child and he actually live whereas in the safekeeping it is the right of the custodial person with which he wants to live. If the both are unfit for the custody of child then safekeeping is the right of the grandparents, relatives or the close friends. So, we can see that all the work is done only for the best interest of the child and parents can visit and meet with his child and also can spend their vacations with his child.


Guardianship is like to guard the child for a small time until he is not independent and also when the parents have to go abroad and they can appoint a guardian which can help the child. Guardian are also appointed when the child's parents are not more and to help and protect the child the guardian are appointed and it may be parent's relative or close friend.

Paternity is basically a legal process which establishes a relationship between its parents and it can easily be checked through the DNA test. The paternity issues are caused when the cases like adoption of child, custody and upbeat care arise and the new scientific development impact this process. In this process, the DNA characteristics are compared with the mother and father and we can get 99 % accurate result. If the DNA does not match then the child is not awarded to the parents and some guardian like relatives or close friends are appointed for this task.

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